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A Factory for “Super Cops”

Now we look at the training of our officers. Last year, around this time a group of creatives hosted a protest in front of the Police Training Academy in Belmopan. It was against a security force training being offered by the Israeli government. A government that has been vile and aggressive against the self-determination of Palestinian people, a government that has stood on the side of Guatemala in refusing to acknowledge Belize’s sovereignty…

Against Police Brutality in Belize

Dear Belizeans, According to the Constitution of Belize, Section 4(2) it is legal for police to shoot unarmed people to protect property and prevent a non-violent crime. This could include, perhaps, your teenage son or daughter trying to escape arrest who has not otherwise broken any other law.   The Constitution of Belize States:“A person shall not be regarded asContinue reading “Against Police Brutality in Belize”