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Plan # ProgresswithNoralez

It has been my pleasure to be a part of the history of the Commonwealth Youth Council Elections, a shinning example of youth participation and a pumping example of democracy. Here’s the story I hope to coauthor with you over the next two years! This is a manifesto built with you in mind, from grassrootsContinue reading “Plan # ProgresswithNoralez”

9:57am The Little Rock

Sundays are still the same, the breeze still cool, the tea still warm. Radiance’s Songs, Sunday’s songs are still playing, dancing in the breeze with the backdrop of the parrots chatter. Hank Locklin’s, “please help me, I’m falling…” reminding me of the men I’ve loved. The man I love that lives in the land ofContinue reading “9:57am The Little Rock”

Upside Down: Buju Banton in the Year of Clear Vision

On June 26th 2020, Buju Banton released his first album in a decade since his 2018 release from prison. “Upside Down” is indeed a conquering unveiling of 20 tracks for this artist who has never really left our consciousness. It features guest from across genres including Stefflon Don, John Legend, Pharrell and Stephen Marley. InContinue reading “Upside Down: Buju Banton in the Year of Clear Vision”

Against Police Brutality in Belize

Dear Belizeans, According to the Constitution of Belize, Section 4(2) it is legal for police to shoot unarmed people to protect property and prevent a non-violent crime. This could include, perhaps, your teenage son or daughter trying to escape arrest who has not otherwise broken any other law.   The Constitution of Belize States:“A person shall not be regarded asContinue reading “Against Police Brutality in Belize”

In my head is my favorite place to be…

I’ve always been more of a doer than a talker. I’d much rather manifest my thoughts all by myself because as much as other people want to help you make your dreams a reality their own thoughts on how to make it better will infiltrate and that can be a good or bad thing dependingContinue reading “In my head is my favorite place to be…”