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Commonwealth Youth Council Elections 2021

Dominique Noralez- Your CYC Candidate for Caribbean and Americas Representative

Welcome to Journey #ProgresswithNoralez

Dominique Noralez hails from the regional confluence of Americas and the Caribbean, Belize! She is a learner and leader at heart with a decade of experience across the youth development spectrum from volunteer, to organizational leadership, policy contributor and regional representative. Learn more about her journey here:!

Community Work Matters…

…this is where the strength of our Commonwealth is found! I am a learner and leader at heart. One’s whose journey formally began with being chosen to become a Youth Ambassador under the collaboration between the Partners of the Americas and US State Department’s Exchange program and later blossomed into community work with  Group Hug focusing…

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The places I have been…

…the places the CYC will go! My work blossomed into being a board member of the country’sleading sexual and reproductive health rights organization, the Belize FamilyLife Association, the leading of the National Youth Council of Belize, AlternateCARICOM Youth Ambassador, Youth Focal point for the Global EnvironmentFacility’s Small Grants Program, Youth Delegate at the Commonwealth YouthForum,…

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I know the Commonwealth…

The Commonwealth space is home. I have participated in it, I know it and thus I am equipped and ready to build forward with, for and alongside you! My first memory of the Commonwealth Youth Council(CYC) was in 2016 as a regional representative to the European Youth Forum’s Meeting of Regional Youth Bodies. There I…

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The people I have met…

We have built the regions youth policy together! I have been privileged to have met our foremost soldiers in the forward struggle toward meaningful youth participation. In my time as executive member of the National Youth Council of Belize, I travelled to Belgium with then Chairperson of the Caribbean Regional Youth Council, Tijani Christian, to…

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Dominique Noralez Endorsed!

Here’s a running list of people and organizations that have endorsed my candidacy for the Commonwealth Youth Council! She is someone who is a great team player, a passionate and hard-working advocate of youth empowerment and someone who has always gone above and beyond in any task she is assigned.She will undoubtedly prove to be…

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Plan # ProgresswithNoralez

It has been my pleasure to be a part of the history of the Commonwealth Youth Council Elections, a shinning example of youth participation and a pumping example of democracy. Here’s the story I hope to coauthor with you over the next two years! This is a manifesto built with you in mind, from grassroots…

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