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Summ 20+2

Time Capsules I begin my final year of university tomorrow something I’d never imagined to be possible I supposed because of how long it took now that I am a quarter of a century old and the amount of ‘Nos’ I would’ve gotten in pursuit of this dream. Though very exhausting it was a fruitfulContinue reading “Summ 20+2”

Dare to Stand Together

2021 Sustainable Development Movement Summit 2021 The Sustainable Development Movement Summit creates an exciting space, where Senior Government Officials, Industry and Sector Leaders, Global Entrepreneurs and Civil Society converge over two days. On September 23rd, 2021, I will be moderating the session for webinar 6, Youth Innovating for a Sustainable Future with Panelists Dajr Alfred,Continue reading “Dare to Stand Together”

Summertime at CitCo | Internships

We all had quite a different summer than we would’ve all imagined given the pandemic. Even if we had our trips to the cayes, or the river or even dinner with friends it had to be a bit more spaced out and masked up than we would’ve liked. Staying productive while still taking care ofContinue reading “Summertime at CitCo | Internships”

International Youth Day 2021

Belize’s Young on the front line of taking care of our only home The theme for international youth day 2021 is Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health. In Belize, there is much talk about being a self sustaining nation and localizing a way of life that is in line with the conceptContinue reading “International Youth Day 2021”

The Student Political Imperative

I think the solution lies in finding out what our political imperatives are during the time of a pandemic that has shattered the way that we live our lives and lead ourselves. It lies in viewing this time as one of opportunity to reform the ways in which we want to be governed. It has given us copious amounts of time to contemplate the level of participation we have had in our own development.

Breaking Bad: Belize Prison Break 2020

ould all these sweltering pressures have contributed to the “weak fence” which saw almost 30 abscond from Kolbe with a high powered weapon and ammo to match? Are we seeing the classic unveiling of the rotting social institutions that crisis bares naked for us to see?

10K Strong!

A fund to help innovative minds strive by Ten Habitat We Believe in 10K Strong! The 10,000 Strong Campaign is an initiative led by TEN Habitat to mobilise ten thousand persons to donate $100 to raise 1 million dollars to empower the next generation. It’s a true definition of the Belize creole adage of “one-one coco fullContinue reading “10K Strong!”

A Factory for “Super Cops”

Now we look at the training of our officers. Last year, around this time a group of creatives hosted a protest in front of the Police Training Academy in Belmopan. It was against a security force training being offered by the Israeli government. A government that has been vile and aggressive against the self-determination of Palestinian people, a government that has stood on the side of Guatemala in refusing to acknowledge Belize’s sovereignty…