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Dominique Noralez Endorsed!

Here’s a running list of people and organizations that have endorsed my candidacy for the Commonwealth Youth Council!

She is someone who is a great team player, a passionate and hard-working advocate of youth empowerment and someone who has always gone above and beyond in any task she is assigned.She will undoubtedly prove to be an asset to the CYC and will be instrumental in advancing the work, goals and mission of CYC in the Caribbean and the Americas region.

National Student Union of Belize

What makes Ms. Noralez so acknowledgeable is that she never fell short of her duties. Whether it was serving on the Board of Directors at BFLA as the youth representative, interning at the Department of Youth Services in the Governance unit policy and programs, serving on the National Youth Council of Belize or being appointed Commonwealth Youth Parliamentarian she was always active and serving in good faith in her various capacities.

Jared Cain, Board Member of the Belize Family Life Association

The Caribbean Women in Leadership (CIWiL) Belize National Chapter congratulates and endorses its fellow member, Ms. Dominique Noralez, on her bid to become the Regional Representative of the Caribbean and the Americas on the Commonwealth Youth Council for a two-year term from 2021-2023.

Caribbean Women in Leadership Nation Chapter Belize

A part from being an amazing leader, she is a true advocate and believer in progress and development and she has the skills and experience needed to progress our region. The Caribbean and the Americas needs a representative who can advocate on behalf of it, who has worked at every level of Youth Development in the region and understands what it takes for progress to made, it needs Dominique Noralez!

Tarun Butcher, Former National Youth Delegate and CARICOM Youth Ambassador

The Profile of the Ideal CARICOM Youth speaks to individuals who are knowledgeable of county, Caribbean history and world affairs; patriotic, actively involved in the development of country and Region; confident, endowed with strong Caribbean identity capable of living anywhere in the world; well rounded, well informed and strong believer in culture and creative. If I didn’t know better, I would say this profile was taken from the pages of Dominque Noralez. Dominque embodies our region entirely as an afro-indigenous woman from a Central American and Caribbean country.

Kylah Ciego, One Young World Ambassador and Former CARICOM Youth Ambassador

Dominique Noralez is the true definition of a leader – and here’s why. Not having ever met me before, she got a hold of my CV and thought I had the skills to do the job of representing Belize as the Vice Chair of Members and Partnerships of the Caribbean Regional Youth Council. She mentored me, introduced me to her networks, and most importantly, believed in me when I felt extremely ill-prepared and entirely green to the youth development space. She selflessly changed the trajectory of my life by opening up a new world of learning and relationships

Kristin Marin, Former Vice Chair of Memberships and Partnerships of Caribbean Regional Youth Council

As a former regional representative for the Caribbean and Americas Region, I want to register my belief Dominique Noralez’s ability to lead the region. She was quite instrumental in providing support to my committee so she has the relevant CYC based experiences to provide sound leadership.

Sujae Boswell, Former Caribbean and Americas Regional Representative Commonwealth Youth Council

She has as well, over the past three years, established a vibrant social and traditional media presence. Dominique joined the Caribbean Youth Environment in 2017 and has represented the
organisation with distinction at a number of regional and international events. These include, the Caribbean Youth Climate Change Conference in Jamaica (2017), World Youth Conference
(2017) and the United Nations Youth Climate Summit in New York (2019); to mention a few. Beyond this she was CYEN’s representative in the Caribbean Development Bank’s (CDB) first Youth Policy and Operational Strategy and is a Commissioner on its Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Commission.

Reginald I. Burke
Executive Coordinator
on behalf of the Regional Steering Committee

Dominique’s introduction to DYS commenced in 2015 as candidate for the Belize National Youth Council. Her victory earned her Vice-President of the Belize district youth council and first Vice-President of the national body. She later interned at our department with a focus on policy and planning. During her time, Dominique supported and or lead through her capacity as a policy and planning officer for the following projects; the annual National Youth Awards, The Caribbean Young Leaders Youth Summit 2016, The World Youth Conference 2017 and Youth Mainstreaming in 2018. She was also a key player in the revision of the National Youth Policy 2018-2019.

Department of Youth Services, Ministry of Youth, Government of Belize

Ms. Noralez is one of our top supporters, always rocking ID SEVEN (as evidenced in this blog image) and gifting our merch to friends and family. Supporters like her are a dream; these are the people who make our work with youth a success. Ms. Noralez is no stranger among the Belize and regional communities. She is a valued member of many organizations, always working to advance youth. What we love most about Ms. Noralez is her passion for others. Ms. Noralez is well educated and experienced in many arenas. But instead of always tooting her own horn, she is always always promoting others rather than her own amazing skills set. 

ID Seven owned by Deidra Gentry, Queen’s Young Leader

Published by Dominique Noralez

Spirit. Human. Belizean. Black. Wombmxn. Agape Tributary. Youth Leader.

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