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I know the Commonwealth…

The Commonwealth space is home. I have participated in it, I know it and thus I am equipped and ready to build forward with, for and alongside you!

My first memory of the Commonwealth Youth Council(CYC) was in 2016 as a regional representative to the European Youth Forum’s Meeting of Regional Youth Bodies. There I witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Caribbean Regional Youth Council (CRYC) and the CYC. In 2018, I was appointed Commonwealth Youth Parliamentarian for my country Belize. The first Belizean to have represented at this level meeting young people like me and you from across the Commonwealth of Nations and learning intimately the concerns and aspirations that sounded a lot like mine. In that same year I was also appointed national delegate for the Commonwealth Youth Forum London alongside current CARICOM Youth Ambassador for Belize, Kris Miller. I also had the pleasure of having CRYC Executive Member, Kristin Marin and Erasmus Scholar Ruth Gutierrez as Belizean Youth Leaders serving alongside us.

2019 was a rather busy year having collaborated with the Commonwealth Student Association to host a training for student leaders at the University of the West Indies Open Campus, planned and participated in the launched of the Commonwealth’s Youth Mainstreaming in Development Planning Caribbean Pilot in my Country Belize and representing the country once more at the CYC + CRYC joint Meeting of Members Conference held in Anguilla. This to discuss how we could build and maintain stronger and more resilient National Youth Councils in the region.

So you see that the Commonwealth is not a strange space nor place for me. I have the experience and direction with #ProgresswithNoralez to continue to make our Commonwealth stronger! Follow the journey

Published by Dominique Noralez

Spirit. Human. Belizean. Black. Wombmxn. Agape Tributary. Youth Leader.

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